True Control

Adversity and obstacles all present themselves in a seemingly innumerable amount of ways. The order of your life can become completely unsettled by the chaos that erupts from nowhere at any moment. Whether this is a relationship that’s been torn by infidelity, a collision between vehicles, or illness that arises. We are subject to the … More True Control

Self-Love Is a Moral Imperative

One of my favorite quotes is from Grant Cardone and it goes like this: “success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.” Have you ever considered self-improvement a moral imperative? What I mean is that have you ever considered loving yourself, actuating your seemingly limitless potential, and allowing that to positively impact those around you an … More Self-Love Is a Moral Imperative

Your New Beginning

Have you ever had an occurrence in your life that was so intense, earth-shaking, and perhaps seeming even cataclysmic? Well that was at the beginning of 2018. The foundation of my worldview, beliefs, and sense of self came undone. I realized that my current model of the world didn’t suffice. I recognized that the way … More Your New Beginning

Redirecting Our Focus

How often have you caught yourself ruminating over something that only made you feel down? How often has your focus been on something you can’t control? How often has your attention been towards seeing the limitations and only the negative aspect of a given situation or person? We all struggle with this at times in … More Redirecting Our Focus

With An End In Mind

What’s your aim? Where are you trying to go with your life? Do you know the reason why you’re trying to head in that direction? Are there alternative paths to arrive there?   These are the questions we should ask ourselves when contemplating our future and what it is that we desire out of life. … More With An End In Mind