Wanting What You Want

Life is an echo chamber, and the world is filled with an innumerable variation of such chambers. We listen to what others believe we want in life and then we proceed to go try and find fulfillment in that. Someone says “this is what you want in order to be happy and fulfilled”, but is it? Is it really what you want? Has your perspective become someone else’s perspective of what they think your perspective should be? In an age where social media dominates the internet, and the media is constantly telling you what to love, how can we truly know what we want to love?

We’re so fearful of spending time alone, in solitude, that we lose sight of what truly matters, our life, and our time, the most valuable assets we can provide to another. If you’re constantly listening to what others want you to want, then how will you ever know what you truly want? I know what I want more than anything in this world, to love someone and to be loved by them, and to create a family with them that’s filled with truth, good, and love. I hope you find what you truly want. We all deserve to be fulfilled, because in that we give the best of ourselves, but first we must empty ourselves of what others think we want, and fill ourselves with what we actually want, and this starts in solitude.


2 thoughts on “Wanting What You Want

  1. Actually, you are exactly correct. Except living in solitutde will show you that living this way prevents being let down, hurt, disappointed by other, etc. It has shown me that others bring more pain than they ever could bring love and for thus reason alone, i choose being single over being at someones mercy in a relationship. #singleliferocks #finallylovingmeagain


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