With An End In Mind

What’s your aim?

Where are you trying to go with your life?

Do you know the reason why you’re trying to head in that direction?

Are there alternative paths to arrive there?


These are the questions we should ask ourselves when contemplating our future and what it is that we desire out of life. We head in the direction of our focus. However, often times we may be so fixated upon arriving at a specific destination, we fail to look around and look deeper. What I mean by this is that we may lack the insightfulness and self-awareness to recognize there may be alternative paths to arrive at the end we have in mind. Another thing to consider is that the destination may be one of many that could fulfill the longing we have inside of reaching that place.

What exactly does this all mean? Your skills, talents, and attributes that you acquire from any given situation in life can extend across innumerable fields. Perhaps you want to become a teacher, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to teach in a school. Also, have you thought about the reason why you want to teach? Maybe the reason behind that is that you find a sense of fulfillment by helping others to improve their quality of life through education. Well there’s many forms of education, you could be a personal trainer, teaching others how to take care of their body, or a life coach, helping others to accomplish a sense of self-actualization through teaching self-awareness.

The purpose of this is that I’d like you to consider your life and what you’re pursuing from more angles than just one. Think about why you’re doing what you’re doing, and the end goal you have in mind. Are there other ways to accomplish this? Maybe you could get a certification, or start your own business as opposed to being hired by someone else’s. What are you trying to fulfill by accomplishing this, and are there other ways to fulfill this need in your life? Don’t just have a hyper focus, calculate your steps, consider the most effective route for your life. There’s many ways to reach the vision you have for yourself, and the path there isn’t the same for everyone. Be willing to adapt, change routes, and even consider if your destination could have other fulfilling options.


One thought on “With An End In Mind

  1. Wow, this is true and is so real. Sometimes we are scare to change but I think this is the key 🔑 of everything. Our universe offering all that we want, of course in the positive way, for me life is the most amazing gift 🎁 that God gives to us, but sometimes we don’t want to see more and this is the reason that we can’t find our real self, because we are walking 🚶‍♀️ in the blind way where nothing can be possible. But if we change our thinking, our actitud, the way that we treat others, be less selfish and think not in one ☝️ human being but in all humanity then our life will change for good because the universe that’s God will give us all His blessings. Thank you for your amazing words, sometimes people cannot see anything
    but we need to have understanding , wisdom and we need to learn and be curious about ourselves and why we are here in this amazing planet 🌎 earth. Nuestra vida tiene un propósito to love ❤️ each other and respect ✊ life and all God’s creation.


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