Hidden Desires

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” — Carl Jung

Unconscious thoughts and desires have a tendency to appear in our day to day lives without our knowledge. They’re expressed through subtle actions or thoughts, and executed in ways that we think we came up with all by ourselves. In a way we did, but it’s a part of ourselves that’s separated from every other part of ourselves. Talk about intricacy.

Conscious thoughts and desires, however, are often thought of too much. By that I mean we spend so much time thinking about these things that we take action on them at the wrong times instead of just letting them flow naturally. This usually doesn’t result in anything too bad happening, but most bad things happen because of this.

With that knowledge in mind, it’s wise to consider what could happen if you make your unconscious thoughts and desires into something conscious. Things such as biased opinions will become apparent and we’ll be able to swing the pendulum the other way and cancel them out — but only if we’re aware of them. Until we make those unconscious thoughts something we can purposely think about, we’re stuck. We end up lost in our own world, wondering what decides our purpose and how we end up where we are. Our unconscious becomes “fate.” because we’re unaware of what it does and how it influences us.

Considering this, meditate on your unconscious today. Ask yourself questions about things and wait patiently for your response to come to you.




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