Forgive and Forget… or Try to Anyways…

“Often we forget that forgiveness is for us and not the offender. Forgiveness in no way condones cruelty or unkind treatment. Forgiveness gives us back peace of mind.” — Fred Luskin

We’ve all heard the phrase “forgive and forget.” Probably too many times if we’re honest with ourselves. Perhaps we’ve thought about it before. Maybe we’ve come to the conclusion that forgiveness is to let the other person move on so that we can do the same. Maybe we haven’t thought about it at all. Regardless, it’s a phrase that holds some value to it.

Like Luskin says, forgiveness isn’t for the offender. It’s for the person forgiving. The truth is, forgiveness is simply saying “you no longer occupy my mind rent free.” Forgiveness also isn’t saying that the other person was right or that you agree with them. It doesn’t morally justify their actions. It doesn’t mean that they’re a better person than you. It simply means that you’re no longer holding onto them.

It’s important to hold onto the idea that forgiveness is to help us, not justify the other person. Without it, we fall into depression and… well, dark times. This kind of grudge is the kind that kills. I know that today’s post is short, but it’s because it holds an important message that shouldn’t be lost in an excess of words.




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