The Sands of Time

Another post with no quote today, because there’s another concept I’ve heard before that I feel like needs to be addressed.

As we’ve discussed many times before, stress is a powerful thing. You can either use that stress to your advantage or you can let it consume you, and there’s ways to make the first choice easier. We’ve talked about that idea quite a bit as well, so if you want to know more about that then feel free to skim through previous blog posts.

With that being said, I’ve often heard people say something along the lines of “Your worries won’t matter a year from now.” It’s a strange phrase… and strangely enough a lot of people seem to have heard it.

Although it’s technically true most of the time, it’s not really a useful piece of advice. Sure, it *might* provide some comfort in the short term, but most of the time it doesn’t and most of the time it doesn’t even apply. It’s the same as saying “eventually it won’t exist” or “things will get better.” Like I said before, these things are technically true and can indeed provide comfort sometimes because of that, but there’s a catch… these sayings don’t exist in the present. They exist in the future. Saying that things WILL get better or that EVENTUALLY you won’t have to worry about something only reminds you of the future.

The real truth, or rather the underlying truth, is that your stresses and concerns and worries DO matter right now; that’s why you’re stressed about them. Of course this is assuming that you stress over reasonable things. If this isn’t the case, and you feel like you’re struggling in your day to day life, then I encourage you to reach out and find professional help. I do what I can to offer solutions to some problems, but at the end of the day I can only do so much.




 We’ll explore ideas like these more in future blog posts, so definitely be sure to think of questions that you can leave in the comment section. Leaving questions and feedback allows me to understand what I should address next, which is a good thing for both of us. Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram, Tik Tok , Facebook, and Twitter @iamchrisgoode so that we can grow our community!


One thought on “The Sands of Time

  1. What are reasonable vs. unreasonable things to be stressed over?
    Don’t strategies to relieve the impact of stress, regardless of the cause, have similarities? Perception and reactions to different kinds of stress, I would assume would be different.


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