With An End In Mind

What’s your aim? Where are you trying to go with your life? Do you know the reason why you’re trying to head in that direction? Are there alternative paths to arrive there?   These are the questions we should ask ourselves when contemplating our future and what it is that we desire out of life. We head in the direction of our focus. However, often … Continue reading With An End In Mind

The Ideal Self: A Way or Destination?

Imagine yourself for a moment looking at your future self, your perfect ideal. Now consider how that makes you feel realizing where you’re currently at. Likely, it doesn’t feel very good, and reasonably so, we fall ever so short of such a figure. Our problem lies in the fact that we choose to see this ideal as a destination rather than a direction or way. … Continue reading The Ideal Self: A Way or Destination?

Focus on the Truth – Daily Reflections

Below are the three reflective subsets I use during the day to help continually align myself to a mindset that’s focused on the truth. Now mind you, truth is factual, but it can be anecdotal (based on experience) as well. The first we should always align ourselves to, the second we need to use good reason in order to determine if enough people or enough … Continue reading Focus on the Truth – Daily Reflections

Love, Acceptance, & Truth

With Love, Acceptance, & Truth From Chris Goode Language is a beautiful tool by which we communicate with one another. Sometimes however we make things overly complicated and lose the meaning behind words in confusing sentences and phrases. Here’s an example of one of my favorite verses from the Bible (CEB – Common English Bible) simplified in a manner that’s more understandable. Also take notice … Continue reading Love, Acceptance, & Truth

True Self, True Change: Accepting Self, Accepting Change

From: Chris Goode Edited By: Adam Davenport     The Most Important Question Who are you? Have you ever genuinely asked yourself that question before? Too often we live life being someone we are not for the sake of others, but never considering our own authentic self. We work to please others, to earn their favorable opinion and approval, but at what cost? In the … Continue reading True Self, True Change: Accepting Self, Accepting Change