Developing a Solution-Oriented Mindset Through Amor Fati

“The blazing fire makes flames and brightness  out of everything thrown into it.” – Marcus Aurelius               “Amor Fati” is a concept developed by the ancient Greek and Roman Stoics. It’s specifically a Latin phrase which means “the love of one’s fate.” We’ve all faced various forms of adversity and come upon different obstacles in our lives. The denial of reality can often stifle our … Continue reading Developing a Solution-Oriented Mindset Through Amor Fati

Overcoming Learned Helplessness

              Life can be difficult. In fact, there’s some people who experience such levels of adversity that they end up developing a sense and belief of learned helplessness. There was some research done through atrocious experimentation in the 1960s that established this fact. I’m going to spare you the details on those experiments (look into them at your own discretion), but essentially it showed that … Continue reading Overcoming Learned Helplessness